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Danny and Stephanie's Life bio picture

Welcome to our blog!

Danny and I decided to keep a blog about what we are doing in our lives back when we were planning our wedding. So many of our friends and family live in other cities, states, countries, (continents!) that we wanted a way to share our lives, wedding planning, and adventures with them. Now that the wedding is over (it was amazing!) we decided to keep the blog going. Please make sure to come visit our website often, and make sure to leave lots of comments!

About Us


Danny grew up in Danville, CA. He played volleyball throughout high school, and at the University of Oregon where he attended college. He graduated with a BA in History and a minor in Business. He now lives in Pleasanton, CA with his beautiful wife, two crazy kitties, and silly puppy. He is currently teaching high school Economics, AP Economics and World Geography.

He is currently trying to keep the new grass in the backyard alive, learning to BBQ, and starting to play the guitar again.


Stephanie grew up in El Granada, CA (near Half Moon Bay). She graduated from Lewis and Clark College, in Portland Oregon, with a BA in Chemistry. In 2008 earned her MS in Chemistry from the University of Oregon. From October 2008 - April 2009 she attended The Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell, California. She is currently teaching high school Chemistry and AP Chemistry. She now lives in Pleasanton, CA with her amazing husband, two crazy cats, and silly puppy

She is currently trying to keep her garden alive, teaching herself to quilt, and enjoying moving into her brand new classroom.

Harley and Zoe

Harley and Zoe are the two crazy kitties. Harley is 3 years old, and Zoe is 2 years old.

Harley enjoys eating massive amounts of grass, sleeping, bothering her sister, putting her toys in strange places, and sitting on her daddy's shoulders.

Zoe enjoys talking incessantly, running as fast as she can through the house, climbing the window/sliding door screens, and banging her head into things.


We met in September 2007. Stephanie was starting her Masters Program at the University of Oregon and Danny was starting his senior year there. Stephanie took some summer courses with one of Danny's friends, who promptly adopted her into their group. Unbeknownst to both Danny and Stephanie, their mutual friend was plotting to set them up before they even met! They started dating soon after they met, and have been so happy ever since.

In October 2008, Danny and Stephanie went to Europe together for two weeks. They went to Amsterdam, Vienna, and Prague. It was truely amazing. After two weeks, Stephanie had to go back to the USA to start culinary school. Danny stayed for two extra weeks in Italy to visit some family friends. While he was in Italy he realized that he was seeing all sorts of amazing sites, and visiting all sorts of beautiful places...but he wished he could have been sharing the experiences with Stephanie. It was then that he decided that he never wanted to visit a new place without Stephanie there to share it with. So he decided to ask her to marry him when he got back!

October 23, 2008 was the 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day anniversary of Danny and Stephanie starting to date. Danny took Stephanie up to Coit Tower in San Fransisco for the sunset, got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes! If you want to read more about it click HERE

Danny and Stephanie got married on June 06, 2009 in Warrenton, Oregon in a small brick chuch, and had an amazing outdoor reception at her parents' house.

They are now enjoying fixing up their townhouse and looking forward to whatever big adventure happens to be next.

Baby E’s quilt is finished!

It is finally finished!  Chrissy seemed to love it so I’m happy! I think it is my favorite one so far.  The fabric was so fun to use.  I figured out that it is WAY easier to stipple quilt with my feed dogs up.  Crazy, I know! But it was amazing.  The pictures aren’t fantastic, but you get the idea. It isn’t quite so dark in real life. Now it is time to start the next project!
















New book

I’m reading a new book right now that is pretty good. It’s no Hunger Games though :-(

I think I am going to institute reading hour at our house! I find myself watching way too much TV thanks to the DVR. I’m thinking of alternating between an hour a day reading and an hour at the gym.

Just in time or summer break and vacations, so I won’t be around to go to the gym. Oh darn 😉


Japanese Tea Garden

I chaperoned a field trip today to the Japanese Tea Garden and the Americas Exhibit in the De Young Museum. It went pretty well!











This is super handy, not to mention classy!

He isn’t speaking in English so you can turn the sound off

Handy Trick

Just wanted a day off…

Ever have one of those days where you really need a break from a problem so you plan something that will pretty much guarantee that a problem won’t bother you?…like the event is incompatible with the problem…there can’t possibly be a way for the problem to rear its ugly head at the event. Mutually exclusive. Then it shows up. Seriously? I was supposed to get a break. I deserve a day off from this. I don’t need to face it every stinking day. Ugh.